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Veterinary Assistant

Contessa Veterinary Assistant

I chose the veterinary field because I have always loved animals, even as a young child. I have also always had an interest in medicine and working in the medical field, so Gander Vet Clinic is a great place to spend my time doing both things.

I graduated as a PAC in 2011 and have been in-house trained as a vet assistant. I always wanted to work in veterinary medicine but decided to try human health care first. It took me some time to end up here, but I feel it’s where I belong.

I have a special interest in surgery and also animal care, husbandry, and nursing.

I love being a member of such a great team and getting to provide care to animals on a daily basis.
A fun fact about myself is that even at home I am surrounded by animals, and quite the variety! We like to call our home “The funny farm”.